About Us

the lamblight distinction

Why Lamblight? At LIS, we address your child as a “Young Leader”, because that is how we see your child! The foundation of our curriculum is a Christ-centered progressive program designed to help your child excel in all areas of life!


Our Mission

is to equip Christian Leaders by helping them:

  • Discern their Life Plan. Entrepreneur, Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer? We help your child, from preschool to highschool, to prayerfully discover our Heavenly Father’s unique Life Plan (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV, Jeremiah 29:11 NIV) a clear direction for his or her future profession, business, or ministry.
  • Develop Leadership Skills. We prepare your child for life and his or her future leadership roles.
Our history

Lamblight was established in October 2003 by Marc & Margot Lopez, Carl Lopez, Gretchen Varela-Miraflores, Nora Varela, Jaime & Suzette Montalvo as a response to God’s call to equip children to become Christian leaders.

Starting with only a preschool program, Lamblight currently has opened its high school department and has become an educational institution recognized by the Department of Education.

We are distinguished to be the only Christian progressive school covering preschool, elementary and high school levels within the local community.

Lamblight has expanded its community to include families around the world for its Homeschooling program!

Foundation Verse

“The city had no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gave it light, and its lamp was the Lamb.”
Revelation 21:23


To be the premiere progressive Christian school in Asia!

core values

Growth Mindedness

school motto

Luceat lux vetra
(Let your light shine) Matthew 5:16


    Christian Leadership Components

    Our A,B,Cs for Christian Leadership are:

    Academic Excellence. We train your child to…
    Create solutions
    Communicate effectively
    Collaborate synergistically

    Brilliance Building.

    Is your child an athlete, a linguist, a musician, a naturalist? We hone your child’s unique interests, gifts and talents into brilliance!


    We partner with you to enhance your child’s personal relationship with Jesus, delight in His Word, and rely on His grace to fulfill his or her life purpose.



    What Families are Saying

    “LIS stands out in my homeschooling journey.  Previous experiences from otherprograms left me feeling distant from peers, but  LIS changed that. Online huddles created a sense of  classroom camaraderie, connecting with main campus students too! Supportive teachers and the homeschool student council improved  my group work skills.  A fulfilling gobal classroom experience.”

    ~ Anela Benedicto, LIS Homeschool Graduate

    “Lamblight Homeschool offered endless learning opportunities beyond classrooms. I can let my daughter go for outdoor exploration, field trips, and real-world experiences. Above all, LIS nurtured a love for learning and God, enabling personal  growth and a positive impact on others.”

    ~ Krek Benedicto, LIS Homeschool Mom